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Posted in Movies on March 26, 2010 by julianyorke

Like most people I am a movie buff. It’s a term hat get’s thrown around alot these days. I don’t consider myself the best but one none the less. I use to love escaping the world through mioves when I was younger and would dream my life as a movie. As I got older I realised that movies belonged on film and life to be played out through your eyes. This is when I started to view movies differently. I would watch movies for hours on end, analysing them, breaking them down into scenes and taking down notes in my head. I started to watch movies not as a movie lover but as a director. I would marvel at the camera angels and how certain scenes were a work of genius. I study movies to better my knowledge of film so that one day I may direct a film.

so thats what I aspire to be when Im older a film director. Im no practitioner yet, but I aim to be. Im studying Creative Arts at Victoria University learn skills that may further my knowledge in Film Directing. I aspire to be a successful and creative director who pushes the boundaries. I want to tell stories and translate message’s on scene. I want to connect with people through my work, even if only for a second, with one person that will do.

I would probably say my theme or style of movies would be cult films although that may change overtime. I love low budget movies that have been crafted beautifully. I also love something that is different and out there.

Hope everyone is doing well have a good w/e