The Hype Machine is a blog that I am very fond of. Although it is a site dedicated to downloading music for free it acts, as a search engine among music blog’s to find all kinds of music on the web. A friend of mine who is a DJ introduced me to hypem. Hypem really has opened my world to new and different forms of music and some incredible bands. I suggest you check it out and do what I do, if you like what you download go and buy it.

The Movie Blog is pretty self-explanatory; it’s a blog about upcoming movies and news about movies in the future. I am a movie buff and love getting information on all things related to movies: What movies are coming out, When they are coming out, who’s playing the characters etc. I also like but that isn’t a blog. So if you’re interested in finding out what movies are coming soon or have heard a rumor and want to check its reliability go to The Movie Blog.

Chez Pim is an awesome blog dedicated to travel, food and drinking. The Guardian named it in The World’s 50 Most Powerful Blogs in 2008. I love to travel and after this course plan to travel around the world and I will defiantly by using Chez Pim. It gives heaps of information on all areas or travel, food and drinking in an easy format. If you like to travel, eat or drink check it it out.


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