INNOVATION: Is the revolutionary change of thinking to produce something new and then translating those ideas into tangible societal impact.

To myself Innovation is thinking outside the box. Finding the norm and stretching it as far as I can, or leaving it completely behind. An example of innovation is the Iphone. It innovated the way in which people and technology react, how knowledge/ information is collected and the way in which people communicate.

CREATIVITY: The mental and social process of discovery, exploration and transformation of conceptual spaces. It is the connection of previously unrelated ‘matrices of thought’ to produce a creative idea.

To me creativity isn’t just thinking outside the box, it is thinking nowhere near the box. To me creativity is targeting your response and creating a concept that isn’t expected to create that response. By shifting my thought from the mainstream approach, I aim to create concepts that achieve my response in a way, which was never considered possible or relevant.  The Graphic Designer/ Typographer David Carson is a great example of this. He is widely known for his experimental typography and is rated one of the most influential designers of the nineties. At first many in his field found his work to be illegible, however over time his work proved to be a hit and silenced his critics.

RISK: Is a venture undertaken without regard to possible loss in the hope of a favorable outcome.

To me risk is a two edged blade. I guess when it comes to risk it depends on the situation. I do believe that you must take risks to succeed but most of the time they shouldn’t be taken blindly. I think you need to study and weigh up the risk and ask yourself if it’s viable. On the other hand sometimes when creating outside the box you just have to run with something and trust in your cut it will work. I believe an example of this is Baz Lurhmann’s portrayal of Romeo and Juliet. When Baz came up with the idea it was met with much criticism. He went with his gut and I believed created a spectacular movie that keeps true to the original story but translating it into the modern day.


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