I have always had the idea to create a band whose music plays out to be a movie. The band would bring out and album with songs that at first would seem like a normal album style. Within the album clues would be left to track down a site that could only be accessed by answer questions about the songs content (relating to the underlying message). Once opened the site would play the movie, which incorporates all the albums songs into a full-length movie.

Musicians Daft Punk had a similar idea where all the songs off their Discovery album linked up in their music videos. Each song would tell part of the story in the video clips.

My idea is different in a number of ways:

– My music video’s would not all connect and tell the story line. They would leave clues and allude to and underlying message to the viewer.

– The lyrics themselves at first would seem unrelated but would have an underlying tone that would shape the full-length movie.

– Unlike Daft Punk my movie wouldn’t be animated it would be a full-length feature.

– The Movie itself would also incorporate the songs, which would help clarify the whole concept.

I think this approach would create mystery and curiosity around the band and promote the movie in a unique way.

This concept is really about linking the music and film industry. The movie would probably be made first and then the album to create that underlying message. I think music and film are very closely related and have profound influences on each other. I think this is a natural progression from musical films or an offshoot.They are also two passions of mine, which is why bringing them together in this unique way would be a dream come true.


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