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Posted in Persona on May 28, 2010 by julianyorke

He will hunt you in the night on a rooftop or a lift, a villain that you can’t take you eyes off. Dressed in crisp sharp clothes of black compliments with murderous colours he draws you in with his charm. Deep down you know his not good for you but still you are drawn to him. His character, his swagger, what does this villain have that you want so badly? You’ve developed Stockholm syndrome now, you want what society tells you to hate and fear. You think your going crazy why does he draw your attention, why can he make you do whatever he wants. His power over you is irretrievable, you want what he has and so do others. This man is a cult figure and idol of people who don’t fit into societies norm, who want what they cant have or afford and crave something different. He is a MYTH, a PERSONA; some believe he is real for others he is a persona to live by, a movement that rebels against what is seen as wrong but feels so right. You are his follower’s his victims, he can help you except. You meet him on the Rooftop, he senses a crazy calm in you, your tired of running, he’ll help you face what scoiety has told you to run from. His selling what you know you shouldn’t want; his THE SALESMEN.